Ksenia Mishina responded to the head of Diesel Studio, who called her a "

04 July 2022, 20:47 | gossip
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The artist said that she personally knows Nikolai Fedosenkov, to whom the leaders of Diesel Studio did not pay wages..

She is sure that the content maker is telling the truth. And the way the head of "

" But here the situation is repeated for the third time and I want to mark the border a little for those who have clearly lost their bearings. I personally know Fedosenkov, and therefore I am 100% sure of his honesty. The answer to my support was not long in coming. And for me, the level of this answer confirms the quality of these people, and how they can treat others.. To offend, deceive, slander the norms for them,"

The actress also said that this is not the first time she has a conflict with Diesel Studio.. For the first time they had a conflict when Mishina won the "

" The first time they took my win on Dancing with the Stars hard..

The second time they were hooked by my " But then people who are familiar with the term "

The artist is convinced that if Fedosenkov's words about non-payment of salaries were a lie, then the leaders of Diesel Studio would not have reacted to it this way..

" As long as people who do not know anything about culture and ethics are at the helm of our cultural projects, it will be difficult for us to become what we want, because it is precisely such characters that poison people from television screens with a lack of values. Very disgusting and dirty, but it's good that they showed their real face,"

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