Olya Polyakova turned to Ukraine, she showed how they were

04 July 2022, 12:54 | gossip
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On the cob of war, vikonavitsa at once with children flew to France. Dekilka of the Month celebrity gave favorable concerts in Europe and the USA. And now she turned back home.

In Instagram-stories zirka showed her way. Zokrema, frame from the cordon line.

" I'm at your cherz"

After crossing the cordon, Olya joined, because she didn’t get far to refuel the car, the rocks in the region were alarmed. How the star was known, out of sight already seen.

The same night the artist went to her house and she showed how they were making.

Priyom buv warm and savory. Olya was sick of homemade herbs - green borscht and chicken.

Guessingly, for days Ramina Eshakzai was not allowed to reach Ukraine at the cordon from Ugryshchyna. Vіdoma reason that yak far bloggers turn to Kiev.

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