Ostapchuk's wife showed personal correspondence with the former presenter after a scandalous interview

03 July 2022, 13:47 | gossip
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So, the showman's ex-wife said that Ostapchuk has psychological problems, and his current chosen one is Shufrich's "

Christina reacted to such reproaches in her Instagram stories.. She threatened with a story about the Voichenko family. In response to this, Elena wrote a personal message to Gornyak, where she said that she felt sorry for Christina.

" Although I almost admire your ability to rip off funds. I’ll say it again: do what you want, blackmail, mock your slave and live in your poisoned world, but you won’t drag me there,” Voichenko wrote..

For her part, Christina remembered Elena theft, cut veins and brother.

\? Well, unlike you, I don’t have criminals in my family, I didn’t hide my brother, but it’s also cool that he married his cousin. Here is your family. I didn’t steal from shops, I didn’t cut veins, so have pity on yourself, ”said Christina.

In response, Voichenko asked not to write to her and pointed to the money that Gornyak allegedly "

" I understand your pain. Sorry. But your poison has no effect on me. Even though you already know it.

How much money did you spend on me, which is scary. And you never left me alone. You are not able to stop,” wrote the former Ostapchuk.

However, the blogger replied to this that Voichenko was "

Recall that Vladimir Ostapchuk also did not keep silent after the scandalous interview with his ex-wife Elena Voichenko. If the star suffered resentment in his direction, then the statements about his beloved made him seriously angry. In response, he told shocking facts about Elena and her family..

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