Bardash invited Ukraine to capitulate, called the artists Nazis and insulted the Armed Forces of Ukraine

03 July 2022, 05:21 | gossip
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The other day, he went live on Instagram, where his position finally became known.. Bardash said absurd propagandistic things for an hour.

In particular, he believes that Russia is "

“I have been dealing with the Russian Federation since 2007, and before that I went on tour, traveled all over Russia. The potential of this country cannot be compared with any other country in the world. Many will not like this, but let's call everything by its proper name. This is a huge territory with resources, a great culture, that's a fact.. And people who destroy Pushkins and Lermontovs are called " "

According to Bardash, Ukraine should surrender to the Russian Federation, citing the example of Japan, which capitulated in World War II "

And, of course, like all Putinists, Yuri let out that "

" you laugh? Americans can print so many grandmas. That's not what they need you for! They need you to legitimize. legitimize… legitimize the war,” he issued.

Why do people die? To make it easier for gays? For liberal values? Can you imagine being adopted by gay men and watching men touch each other's asses, lick. European values \u200b\u200b- what is it? I'm not against gays, well, it happens that someone likes to " Okay, knead yourself behind closed doors,"

Bardash called Ukrainian artists performing at charity concerts and volunteers Nazis. He also accused them of advertising the war.

The producer also insulted the APU. He called the defenders of Ukraine "

\? These are the boys who lived in their villages neither in sleep nor in spirit, twisted the tails of cows. They were simply grabbed, this is our APU now - and into the furnace. Mothers just went crazy with grief. Everything, no boys, no one. \? Our artists: \! Everyone, here you go, fight. Let them kill you all equipped,"

Yuriy did not bypass the " Producer accused the organizers of corruption.

" And for this money everyone lives perfectly. And you give the last penny, simple people,"

He also stated that "

The producer admitted that his wife Elizabeth considers him a traitor and forbids him to approach their daughter.

As for the Russian passport, Bardash said that this is a lie and he does not have Russian citizenship.

Users were shocked by such a stream of thoughts. In the comments, they expressed everything they think about the scandalous producer.

I am very glad that such people are moving away from the Ukrainian show business.

Oh and the bottom. What a bottom God, what a mess it is You can’t be cured. Krupin admitted that he was hurt for the position and actions of his creative mentor.

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