An enraged Ostapchuk told shocking facts about his ex-wife: cut veins, thefts and a bandit brother

03 July 2022, 03:32 | gossip
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So, the woman said that the showman has psychological problems, and his current wife Christina is "

If the star suffered resentment in his direction, then the statements about his beloved made him seriously angry. In response, the celebrity decided to tell shocking facts about Elena and her family.

In particular, in Instagram stories, Ostapchuk wrote that Voichenko had problems with the law in the United States and hinted that she had tried to commit suicide..

" About yours, Elena, two criminal decisions in the USA. And a court in Alban, New York. Because of what you were not given a re-visa to the States for 10 years. Episodes - Shoplifting. What I found out by chance at the embassy. Why you never show your cut veins in your arms in an interview. And you don’t say how I saved you and took you to the hospital after (it’s not for you to assess my mental state),” the TV presenter wrote.

Ostapchuk also said that Voichenko's brother is a bandit. According to him, he was one of the organizers of a criminal gang in Uman, and Elena and her parents hid him..

" It became known to me from the message of the People's Deputy Anton Yatsenko. brother caught. It turns out that he lived under a different name and you knew about it. My brother is in jail now.. Awaiting court decision. Next, I attach the facts,"

As for the grievances against his wife Christina, Vladimir said: " It's better to be like that than to steal things like you, get a court sentence and have the same family.. Now go to the journalists and don’t forget to tell how you beat Emilia, prove that you are not suicidal, prove that you don’t have a criminal past, which you lied to me about, and tell me about your bandit relatives too"

Ostapchuk did not ignore the journalist Alina Dorotyuk. He said that she knows for what insidious act she was blocked from his Instagram.. The showman also advised to find another way to help Ukraine during the war..

In addition, Vladimir urged to stop discussing the three years of his divorce and advised women to "

Finally, Ostapchuk said that if his ex-wife hurts his beloved or relatives at least once, he will go to court.

" You can't call my wife " Bandyukov in the face of your father's gang, I'm not afraid. Let only one of my relatives be hooked. They are fucked"

Recall that Dantes said that after the divorce from Dorofeeva, he no longer wants to have a public relationship.. Now he will keep the personal away from human eyes.

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