Zlata Ognevich complained about the new stalker who came to her house

02 July 2022, 14:21 | gossip
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So, an unknown man came to the house of a celebrity. As the star said in her Instagram stories, he introduced himself as Andrei Tkachenko and began to say something to her.. However, when Zlata announced that she would call the police, the pursuer left.

" And others use it. For example, now some dude named Andrey Tkachenko came and started to say something to me. Another pursuer. I said I'm calling the police.

He fell silent and left,"

In this regard, Ognevich believes that there should be protection of public people and information about them.. Therefore, the singer turned to power.

“Public people and information where they live should be protected,” she said..

Recall that not so long ago, Zlata Ognevich shocked by correspondence with obscenities with inadequate, which has been haunting her for three years. In correspondence, he does not stand on ceremony in words and calls the star a "

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