Padalko, Taran, Miroshnichenko and other 1 + 1 hosts told what kind of music they listen to during the war

02 July 2022, 01:28 | gossip
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Such restrictions will be in effect until the liberation of all occupied Ukrainian territories and the cessation of Russian aggression..

1+1 hosts Marichka Padalko, Konstantin Grubich, Svyatoslav Grinchuk, Lydia Taran, Nelya Shovkoplyas, Timur Miroshnichenko, Irina Vannikova and Ivanna Onufriychuk told what Ukrainian music they like to listen to, what is currently playing in their playlists and favorite European artists.

Marichka Padalko The presenter admitted that not only the melody and words are important for her, but also the person who sings. Therefore, the Antibody group for Marichka is a 100% reflection of the cool Ukrainian youth and the nation.

And I liked their songs even before the war. Moreover, both patriotic and lyrical. My colleague Olya Koshelenko and I recently listened to " He has a wonderful song that I always liked - " There are such words " It's not about a woman, but about Ukraine. The group has many songs that most accurately reflect the moment in which we are all living now,"

Padalko added that she and Taras Topolya met more than once at volunteer events, in particular, Euromaidan SOS, Learn Ukrainian, starred together in Olympic exercises to support the Olympians who went to competitions. The presenter noted that they are somewhat similar to Topol.

" And somehow it turned out that they studied in Kyiv in schools on the same street - I'm in the 57th, and he is in the 48th,"

Konstantin Grubich The host shared that he has a lot of musical tastes, because the Ukrainian show business was born before his eyes.

" Long ago emigrated overseas. In my author's program " Schoolchildren danced, I'm leading with them. Vika, together with her then-husband, arranger and producer Vladimir Bebeshko and Vova's brother Levko Durk, together with the group and participants, lived for several days at the Edelweiss base. I liked the song very much. I remember that I wrote down the name of the author for the credits - music and words by Andrey Kuzmenko. Volodya said - a very talented guy from Yavorov. Before the glory of " Further you know. And the song is still one of the best,"

The celebrity added that he listens to European and American music, but does not call himself a music lover. The presenter loves drama in vocals.

Svyatoslav Grinchuk The presenter admitted that he was glad that Ukrainian music has been actively developing in recent years. However, in it he still has not found anything better than the early "

" In general, Ukrainian music of that romantic and slightly naive period, when our radio stations were not yet overwhelmed with terabytes of music from Russia, still inspires bright memories and emotions: "

The presenter recalled that a week before the Russian invasion, he went to a concert in memory of Dead Pivnya frontman Mikhail Barbara. And in recent years, Svyat mainly listened to foreign, Western music.. However, he also followed the Ukrainian novelties.

" The last thing I bought on the record was an ONUKA album as a gift to my wife. From Russian-language music so that it really captivates - this is " But it's still a Ukrainian group, and for the past few years they have been writing new songs in Ukrainian,"

Irina Vannikova For the host Ukrainian group number one - Kozak System. Irina considers the creativity of the group to be strong, because the musicians make songs to the words of Ukrainian poets - Vasily Symonenko, Sergey Zhadan, Nikolay Vingranovsky. Among the favorite songs of the presenter: "

" I began to listen to " They have a song " This is a prediction song. There are such words: \? / The hour has come to choose,"

From foreign performers, Vannikova listens to the American Billy Eilish and the Belgian Stromae, especially the song Formidable.

Ivanna Onufriychuk The presenter noted that some of the Ukrainian songs have become a valuable part of her life. In particular, under the song MONATIK "

" I love the songs of the group SKY. I even somehow starred in their video " The guys perform it so sensually. And among the young artists, the song Fortepiano by Kristina Soloviy was a discovery for me.. I loved very much, even before the war, turn it on at full volume and sing it when I was driving through a quiet city at night, ”she said..

Also, Onufriychuk has recently " Their songs bring the star back to childhood memories..

“I don’t know why, but I remember the interesting stories of my grandmother and great-grandmother about the adventures of their young lives and family traditions. Ethno and folk motives of the Ukrainian group remind me who we are and where our roots come from. And I really like all this in combination with electronic music, which I love to listen to since my student days,"

Timur Miroshnichenko Singer number one for the presenter - Jamala. As the celebrity noted, she lives every song of hers, and every song of hers is a world hit..

\! I hardly listened to Russian music even after 2014, now even more so.. She has never been qualitatively close to the Ukrainian! Of course, I listen to European and American, but after February 24, my playlist is 98% Ukrainian,"

Lydia Taran A celebrity who is with her daughter in France said that even the French know “Oh, there is red viburnum in the puddle” performed by Andrey Khlivnyuk. There they sing and listen to it everywhere at rallies. However, Lydia herself does not listen to music now, except for the one that plays at rallies..

" It's hard to be a music lover at a time like this. Sometime before the war, I was friends with the guys from the Tank on the Maidan Congo group, I often attended their concerts, and with Foz I once worked together in Rise on Novy Kanal. Therefore, I have many stories, jokes and adventures related to Tanks.. Therefore, we can say that TNMK is one of my favorite Ukrainian bands.

They have really cool lyrics and they are cool performers,"

But the host's daughter has her own victory playlist - there is Jerry Heil, Andrey Khlyvnyuk, and Kalush Orchestra.

Nelya Shelkoplyas The presenter admitted that now she listens exclusively to Ukrainian music.


Recall that MONATIK presented a new album ART Defense. As the celebrity said, this disc is his personal musical history of the war, which, unfortunately, continues.

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