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30 June 2022, 19:55 | gossip
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This time, the comedian showed how Russian President Putin persuaded the self-proclaimed President of Belarus Lukashenko to attack Ukraine. The Great depicted the head of the Republic of Belarus, who comes up with excuses so as not to fight against the Ukrainians.

“Yesterday I watched Arestovich, I watch him all the time now, so he said that it’s better not to attack. Arestovich is not a potato, he sees a little. It is very dangerous to fight in western Ukraine! We'll just start digging trenches, they'll think we're digging their amber! Then we are all Khan! "

\! And Putin urgently needs Belarus to open a second front.

But he completely forgot that Luka can not only lie well, but also brilliantly excuse himself, "

In response, fans wrote in the comments that the video can be parsed into quotes.

Yura, as always, in his repertoire, knows how to cheer up, well done! Laughed heartily! Thank you, Yura, for the humor, super Fantastic, just space! " Oh, and this video will be sorted into quotes. I'm just delighted.. The mood is super. Yura, you are just a bomb kid. Recall that earlier the stars of "

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