Pritula told how his wife scared him on his birthday: “I took a gun”

30 June 2022, 08:13 | gossip
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The host's beloved made a surprise, which actually scared Pritula a little.

And all because he was at home himself and did not expect anyone. After the volunteer announced the gathering for "

Suddenly he hears that someone opens the door to his house.. The presenter was himself and did not wait for anyone, so this scared him. Sergey even took up arms in order to protect himself in case of emergency..

However, Pritula did not need a pistol, because his wife came to him to congratulate him on the holiday. As Sergei said, it was a pleasant surprise.

" For my birthday, I launched a campaign at home in the morning. And here it goes. And I sat under a cold shower because my head was exploding a little. And then I hear someone scratching at my door. And I'm not waiting for anyone. I generally sit myself in the morning soothing. It's my birthday, and I myself am in that big house of mine, where there should be a lot of children's laughter, but that's all there is. I don't know who's in my house.

I took a gun, the door opens, my wife comes in. But I was very touched,"

By the way, at the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Sergey took his wife and children to the west of Ukraine, because it’s safer there than in Kyiv.

Recall, Sergei Prytula recently raised money for four " However, the manufacturer will transfer drones to the Armed Forces of Ukraine free of charge. Prytula told how they will spend the funds collected for "

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