Prytula rozpoviv, like a team slapped yoga on the day of the people: "

29 June 2022, 19:22 | gossip
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Kokhan of the leader ruled a surprise.

And all to the one who wins at home himself and does not check on anyone. After that, as a volunteer, having voted about the choice for "

Already raptom I feel that someone is opening the door to the yoga booth. The leading buv himself didn’t check on anyone, so it’s also bad. Sergiy Navit took up to the hands of the sbro, abi in different things to protect yourself.

Utіm, the pistol Prituli did not need, even before the new came the yogo squad, abi gracious to the saint. Yak rozpoviv Sergiy, it was a welcome surprise.

" On National Day I'm at home by launching a campaign. I got away. I was sitting under a cold shower, to the fact that my head shook three times in me. And here I feel at my door something is squealing. And I don't check on anyone. I vzagali sidzhu calm myself down. It’s my birthday, and I myself am in my great hut, de may have a lot of childish laughter, but I don’t have anything. I don’t know who is there before me to hati... I took a pistol, they open the doors, a woman comes in. Ale, I’ve already grown up,” Prytula shared on the air of “Snidanka z 1 + 1”.

Before the word, on the cob of a large-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine, Sergiy sent a squad with children to the west of Ukraine, even if it’s safer there, or even near Kiev.

Let's guess, Sergiy Prytula recently took pennies for chotiri " Utim, the virobnik will transfer the ZSU drones without cost. Rozpoviv pritula, how will stained glass windows be chosen for "

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