Famous Ukrainian actress Tyshkevich stopped getting out of bed due to a serious illness

29 June 2022, 18:23 | gossip
photo ТСН.ua
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Celebrity constantly suffers from headaches.

According to colleague Tyshkevich, actress Anastasia Tsymbalaru Ekaterina has tried all possible methods of treatment in Ukraine for eight years. However, that didn't help.. The disease began to progress. Now Tyszkiewicz does not help past treatments. The actress stopped getting out of bed.

" Now even the previous methods of treatment (17 tablets a day and constant droppers) have stopped working - Katya does not get out of bed,"

By the way, in Ukraine, Ekaterina cannot be diagnosed, so she is sent for treatment to Europe.. Tsymbalaru asks to help his colleague. Treatment is expensive, and Ekaterina cannot earn money from her main field of activity.

“All the time of the full-scale war, despite the terrible pain, she continued to volunteer and helped our country, but now she needs help,” Tsymbalaru added..

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