US imposes sanctions against propagandist Tina Kandelaki

28 June 2022, 22:59 | gossip
photo ТСН.ua
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The US Treasury Department has imposed new sanctions against Russian citizens who support the war in Ukraine.

Russian propagandist Tina Kandelaki was also on the corresponding list.. The husband of the Putinist and her two children were also sanctioned..

Kandelaki has already managed to respond to new sanctions against her. As the propagandist noted, she is glad that she was under sanctions.

" The world has changed and we will never be part of the old world. We were not expected there and are not expected. And for those who are trying to sit on two chairs, or vice versa, have moved to that foreign chair, I will still sympathize,"

Note that Russian celebrities who support the terrible war in Ukraine are increasingly being sanctioned.. Recently, the NAPC initiated the imposition of sanctions against Putinist artists Kirkorov and Koroleva.

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