Taras Topolya about the worst day in the war: "

26 June 2022, 19:45 | gossip
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In the Slava + program, the leader of the Antibody group Taras Topolya, who, along with other members of the team in the war, is paramedics, admitted which day after February 24 he will never forget:.

" Our brother's leg was torn off. And we were in the business of saving his life. But it was, right…” – said Poplar.

When asked what feelings in the war after such cases - revenge for a brother-in-law or patriotism, the performer replied:.

" I can't say that any one feeling. First, it depends on the situation..

Perhaps the strongest feeling that not only I, but also many of my friends felt here, was hatred for the Russians.. In extreme moments, you do not think in philosophical categories. But if there is a moment to exhale and think, then perhaps my strongest feeling is to restore justice. I have a heightened sense of justice and it lies in the fact that it is so unfair. Ukraine has the right to its independent future, Ukraine has the right to its state and Ukrainians should not die. It is not right. And in order to win this future, we are here now and doing our job,"

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