Stuzhuk in tears said that her boyfriend left her and showed his face for the first time – video

25 June 2022, 18:30 | gossip
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The celebrity complained to her fans that she was abandoned by her boyfriend, whom she loved very much.

Sonya edited a touching video with the ex, where she showed their common happy moments, as well as herself in tears. Interestingly, this is the first time a blogger has shown Anton's face.. Stuzhuk admitted that this is the second time in her life she loved so much.

“I don’t understand how you can part with the words “I love you very much and I will probably regret it all my life”. I don’t understand at all how you can part when you love, if you love. But I've never been like this. It hurts so much...

I know that someone will sympathize, someone is gloating, someone doesn’t care, someone will say that it’s over and people don’t have such problems now. I understand. If only it didn't hurt so much,"

Many subscribers supported Sonya. However, there were those who condemned her for the video of tears in stories and “whining because of the man”. In response, Stuzhuk wrote that she gave herself two days to get over the breakup..

Recall that 53-year-old Nadezhda Matveeva declassified a new lover. The man is 20 years younger than the leader.

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