Matveeva spoke about the negative reaction of mother and son to a young boyfriend and a wedding with him

25 June 2022, 17:09 | gossip
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So, the star introduced her beloved to mom and son. This happened even before the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine..

As the presenter said in an interview with Grigory Reshetnik, at first everything was fine and relatives took it normally. However, the attitude changed after the celebrity began to live with the chosen one..

“Mom and son don’t take him very well. Probably, this closeness that exists between us, in some way may not suit. Now I not only belong to them,"

The presenter also shared that relatives are worried that Nadezhda's beloved wants to take advantage of her popularity.. However, as she assured, it is not so.. Moreover, the man refuses publicity: " I live with a man and see his attitude towards me. I think it is unpleasant for him that my relatives do not trust him..

Nadezhda shared that her chosen one also has children, but so far she is not familiar with them, because because of the war everyone is in different parts of the country.

In addition, Matveeva thought about the wedding with her boyfriend. The TV presenter admitted that her beloved had already expressed a desire to marry her, however, he proposed so far without a ring..

" Will you marry me? Looks like I said yes. It doesn't count as a proposal because there is no ring..

And it’s not me who said it, but he because he wants to arrange a beautiful proposal,” shared the star.

Nadezhda Matveeva also added that lovers do not want to have a noisy wedding, except perhaps a party.

Note that Nadezhda Matveeva was married twice. The presenter is raising her son from a previous relationship.

Recall that Zlata Ognevich married her younger sister in Kyiv and showed a photo from the wedding. The actress shared how the solemn event went.

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