Timur Miroshnichenko and his wife decided to adopt a child: "

24 June 2022, 00:56 | gossip
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As the celebrity admitted, even before the war they had such plans.

However, after the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the lovers realized that they were ready for this..

“We started talking about adoption as if we had already agreed. We didn't even talk about it. They just started talking like it was already a fait accompli.. This is our decision,"

Inna and Timur said they understand that this is not an easy step. However, they are sure that they will cope with the upbringing of the child, because they are mentally prepared for this..

" If they are traumatized, and we cannot know what life was like before they met us, we have to work with it and we have to bear this cross.. You need to be prepared for this so that it is not a surprise.. We are mentally prepared for this to be a test,"

By the way, the spouses do not yet know exactly when they will be able to give the child a family.. They hope it happens in a year or two.

While Inna and Timur do not know exactly who they want: a boy or a girl. However, they say that they will adopt a child at the call of the heart.

" You won't come and say: " It's a slightly different story.. Here you need to feel the connection. It can only be felt in a live meeting. When we feel that this is our child, then we will adopt,"

Note that Timur Miroshnichenko has been married to Inna Rudnik since 2018.. Together they raise two children: a daughter and a son..

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