Potap with skewed guise of spaniels looking at concerts in Madrid – photo, video

23 June 2022, 15:07 | gossip
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On the side of Instagram, a celebrity showed a photo and a video from a favorable concert in Madrid, de posting skewed appearances.

Yak appeared, the star chilled the facial nerve. That's right, celebrity knows how to help. Zirka went down to the people for picking up the bones to help Ukraine from a cardboard box.

For a review of the photo and video, use the right-handed voice \! Try those who, having chilled the nerve in the face, and did not see a moment 1000% like a vikonovets - did not break! I viyshov pick up money for Ukraine just up to people! "

Potap stating that the Crimea of \u200b\u200bdigital donations went away to take 10,000 euros from a cardboard box.

\! Mayzhe with skin!


In the comments, the followers favored the producer of the swedish outfit:.

Do you care, Oleksiy!

wear! I know what it is. It's a pity, rejoice more properly, but rejoice Dyakuemo! Speedy clothes Let's guess, recently, 28-year-old Justin Bieber was paralyzed by half of the guise. A celebrity has Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. The days of the artist’s kohan shared that at the same time the star feels too rich.

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