Nelya Shovkoplyas began to lose weight because of the risk of diabetes mellitus

13 July 2018, 01:35 | gossip
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The leading morning show "Snidanok z 1 + 1" Nelya Shovkoplyas, who came to casting the project "Model XL", began to lose weight.

Adhering to a leading diet caused health problems.

During her student years, Nelya led an active life, her first job as a sales representative was given. Nelya melted in her eyes.

"I just started working from the second year and almost all my work consisted in the fact that I constantly went around the city. I think that it was because of this that I, in fact, was in such a good shape. And not thin and fat. I was a girl with blood and milk, "recalled Shovkoplyas.

Yes, and in her free time the star did not sit still. I was fond of hiking.

Soon Nelya got married, gave birth to twins. Now her whole life revolves around homework and children. In a year of such a marathon, it seemed, she no longer has the strength.

"Resources, they are not infinite. And the husband needs attention, and the children take a very long time. And in all this, the most important thing is that you lose yourself, you put yourself in the last place, "Shovkoplyas.

Chronic fatigue, stress and lack of realization. Nelya began to gain weight quickly.

"I have been eating up any of my psychological problems," the leading.

Instead of the usual 65 kilograms, the scales showed 90.

However, Nelya did not drop her hands, graduated from the school "1 + 1 Media" and soon became the leading show, which she had long dreamed of - "Snidanok z 1 + 1". Shovkoplyas loved herself the way she is.

"I realized, at least, that I was ready to perceive such as I am. The main feature is openness, sincerity. It seems to me that this affects people more, or is more indicative for people than my weight, "- commented the star.

She achieved the goal, fell in love with a new self and again felt life tasted. And when, finally, I got everything I wanted, it reminded me of my health. A medical examination showed a risk of diabetes mellitus.

"I thought I was fine with the body.

In fact, it turns out that if I do not start to change anything now, then I can have diabetes mellitus, "Nelya said..

To strengthen health, Nelya will take a cardinal step - will try to lose weight and return to the form that she had in her student years.

"I, of course, love myself, but I want to be healthy and live a long time. I want my children to have a normal, healthy, active mother, "Shovkoplyas shared..

Recall, previously sketchy Nelya Shovkoplyas in a bright red dress starred for the famous edition.

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