The presenter of "The King of Desserts" Ostapchuk lost 7 kg during the filming of the project

12 July 2018, 17:56 | gossip
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The TV channel "1 + 1" continues work on the new culinary reality "The King of Desserts", in which talented confectioners from all over Ukraine will compete in creating culinary masterpieces.

The host of the project, Vladimir Ostapchuk, in an interview with Telenedelya magazine told about his culinary talent, losing weight during the filming of the culinary project and the difficulties associated with this.

"Do you know what is the most difficult in this reality? Do not eat sweet! Everything is very tasty and beautiful. And when you see tens of kilograms of dessert a day, to keep from temptation is incredibly difficult. But we must look good, so I try, - commented the presenter. - For the audience, every episode of the project will be a holiday, because they have not yet seen such incredible desserts. Well, we have enough drama - there will be intrigues, passion and competition on the air. I have to smooth it all out, periodically play the role of a waistcoat, in which the participants can cry ".

It is interesting that while Vladimir was surrounded by appetizing desserts every day on the set, he managed to lose weight:.

"In three weeks of shooting, I dropped 7 kg. Probably, I lose weight for the participants. But seriously, just started eating differently. We have a tight working schedule, breaks are small - it's not always possible to eat on time and correctly. Therefore, one company for the delivery of food with the best, I'm not afraid of this word, a nutritionist of the country Natalia Samoilenko, specially for me, under my calorie count, developed a menu of ".

The presenter also told what dishes he considers his crown:.

"If we talk about desserts, then this souffle. And if it's not about sweet, then I'm the duke of borsch. Our project is designed for the fact that desserts are not necessarily expensive, pretentious and from an unrealistic amount of strange French ingredients. My souffle, for example, is prepared from five, and they will be in the kitchen of every mistress ".

In addition, young father Vladimir Ostapchuk told how his life changed after the birth of his second child:.

"I met a friend a couple of days ago, whose daughter is about the same age as my son. It was necessary to see how we communicate with each other!

We ask each other: "How do you grow? How do you sleep? What do you do with this? How much do you gain?". To someone it seems strange that two adult men talk about colic and diapers. But I like being a dad. I absolutely calmly can lull Evan, change clothes, tie a sling and go with him for a walk ".

Recall, in early June, Vladimir Ostapchuk admitted that he bought an apartment in the capital. In addition, the star of the channel "1 + 1" shared plans for the summer.

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