An eerie sight: Sumskaya frightened the fans of the video, where her face is "stained" with paint

12 July 2018, 12:54 | gossip
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Ukrainian star Olga Sumskaya, who recently celebrated the first birthday of her granddaughter, showed that not always the samples of makeup are pleasant.

On the page in Instagram, the actress laid out a video where the make-up artists put on her face first a pink, then a yellow paint, thus making a mold.

Sumskaya's fans were shocked by what they saw. "I would be crazy. And how much should you sit? Yeah, actors are not easy, "" What a horror, "" You're fearless, I would never agree to be so smeared even for work, "- leave the comments of the star's followers.

For what over the face of Sumskaya so "mocked", the actress while keeps a secret. Only slightly opened the veil that she was made the basis for latex make-up for the new film.

Later, the artist laid out no less than an amazing photo, which appears with short hair. True, Olga did not say whether it would appear in this form in the new tape. Recall, a month ago Olga Sumskaya embodied her legendary image of Roksolana in the Turkish embassy. The star took part in a concert called "Music inspired by Roksolana".

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