"Robocop comes back": the American film company announced the filming of a new film

12 July 2018, 08:11 | gossip
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Film company MGM announced the work on the film "Robocop comes back", a new picture from the series about Robocop, a Detroit policeman turned after death in cyborg.

This is written by Medusa.

The film will be based on a plot created in the 1980s by the screenwriters of the original film by Ed Neumeier and Michael Meiner, but not used for the movie "Robocop 2".

Whether Robocop will be returned is subject to a remake in 2014, MGM did not specify it, but in January 2018 Neumeier, referring to the work on the new film, said that he would be associated only with the original first picture.

Over the updated script works Justin Rhodes (co-author of the script has not yet appeared "Terminator 6").

Will remove the picture Neil Blomkamp (known for the film "District No. 9"), and Neumeier and Miner will act as producers.

The original "Robocop", shot by Paul Verhoeven, was released in 1987 and became very popular. Subsequently, two proceedings were withdrawn (without the participation of the authors of the original), television series and a remake.

Recall that previously the film company Sony Pictures Entertainment mistakenly laid out on Youtube full movie "Killer Kali" instead of the trailer.

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