The legendary Austrian band from the 80s saw in the "Nino" Oleg Vinnik plagiarism of his song

12 July 2018, 07:36 | gossip
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Known in the 1980s, the English-speaking pop group JOY said that the Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik in his "Nino" uses without permission very similar to their music. Now experts from Austria determine whether there are really reasons to blame the star for plagiarism, the TSN. 19:30.

Known for the whole world hit Touch by touch, which means "touch for touch," blew up the audience 30 more years ago. "I like his version. But our song was the first hit everywhere, "say the Austrians. JOY founded three school friends, among whom was Andy Schweizer. He is the author of the very melody, which, in his opinion, is very similar to the loss in the songs of Vinnik. The Austrian wrote it back in 1984. Now the musicians JOY to the music of "Nino" jokingly sing their own song. "We have in Austria the expression: it's better to steal wisely than write the worst. Greetings to him, "they laugh..

With the fact that Vinnik really borrowed their music, the band members are seriously promising to sort out the next two weeks. They say that the "Nino" will listen to their music experts, and then decide whether to sue Vinnik in court. Similar resemblance to the sound of two loss hits, and Ukrainian composers, but they say that Vinnik melody is different, and with JOY the singer took only the so-called "musical quote", which is not prohibited by law. "The first two notes - and all. This is an element of the arrangement, this is called "groove" - ??what moves the entire piece of music. A lot is taken in the sound, but I do not see plagiarism here. Today, it's fashionable to return to old sounds, "says composer Ruslan Quinta.

Lawyers say that there is no definition of "musical quotation" in the law, therefore any loss in the song is protected by copyright. "What is a" musical quote "what is a" vintage sound "- this does not exist in the law. Because if we are talking about a quotation, then you must indicate that this is a quote, whose quote. You can not just quote to make money on it. If you took part of the musical composition and used it in your without the consent of the author and it is recognized - it is not allowed, "- explains the lawyer Mikhail Ilyashev.

Fans of Vinnik already in several of his songs heard that the music really reminds famous once hits. To which the producer of the singer replied that it was done deliberately. "In the song" Nino "quite consciously in the introduction and loss used" vintage sound ". In order for the song to create an atmosphere of disco 80's. Does anyone really think that we assumed that in the audience of people who will listen to this song, there is not one who grew up on the disco hits Joy, Modern Talking and Bad Boys Blue? ", asks Alexander Gorbenko. Phone producer Vinnik suspicion of the Austrians in plagiarism declined to comment. "I am now in Belarus, I will only after the 16th in Ukraine.

It does not bother me. Communicate with anyone you want, "he explained..

Promised by the Ukrainian women singer trio of the Austrians invites to a meeting in October, when they will have a concert in Kiev. Then, they say, they will have full data from their experts on "Nino". "Oleg, we want to see you on our all-Ukrainian tour in October and maybe we could play some songs together, or at least one. Come, come, "they propose.

TSN correspondent Valentin Mudryk.

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