Perturbed Angelina Jolie made an official statement on the divorce from Pitt

14 June 2018, 10:46 | gossip
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Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, which the court ordered to allow Brad Pitt to see more children, is outraged by the press.

The star made an official statement in which it expressed its attitude to what is happening. In particular, Angie sharply condemned the leakage of information and stressed that the plum misleads everyone and does not serve their interests with Brad children.

"From the outset, Angelina was focused on the health and interests of children, so it was especially important to hold the last private hearing.

It's sad that some of the selfish reasons drained the selective parts of the minutes of the meeting into the press and created an inaccurate and incorrect picture, "says Jolie.

Recall the other day the press got information that the judge ordered Jolie to allow 54-year-old Pitt to see more often with children. The Los Angeles County Superior Court ruled that "lack of relations with the father" would "damage" the six heirs of ex-spouses. If Jolie does not fulfill the conditions of the court, she risks losing her primary physical custody of the children.

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