Leader "Snidanku 1 + 1" Yegor Gordeyev chose the hosts for a Labrador puppy

13 June 2018, 14:52 | gossip
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Two-month-old Labrador puppy named Sinka, and under the passport - Sabina, found new owners.

Yegor Gordeyev, who was looking for a house for the baby of his four-legged pet Juma, personally took her to a new family with which the little beauty became friends from the first minutes.

Two weeks ago, the host of "Snidanka with 1 + 1" announced on air that he would give an expensive puppy of a purebred Labrador to the one to whom he would be most needed. During this time, Yegor received more than three hundred sensual and frank stories from viewers from all over Ukraine and the world, who argued why the dog needed them.

For Egor it was important not only to hear a strong motivation, but also to be sure of the responsible attitude of future masters to the animal, so that Sinke would be comfortable in the new family. He made a whole list of criteria, and with twenty of the main applicants contacted personally, detailing all the nuances.

In the end, after consulting with parents, veterinarians, cynologists, Egor decided to give Sabin to the family of Elena Pasko from Kiev. A woman asked a puppy for her son - 13-year-old Gleb. Since childhood, he has a mental retardation. The guy is in grade 6. He has problems with communication: Gleb almost never communicates with anyone in the Lyceum and in the courtyard. And his biggest dream is a sister and a dog.

"You can not get a present with your little sister, but you could give him a dog," Mom wrote in her message, and noted that Gleb was an insecure, taciturn and very shy boy. But already at the first moment of meeting with the new four-legged friend the boy has already begun to behave more actively.

To view the photos, scroll right. Now, little Sabina will live in a cozy spacious apartment near the forest, and help to take care of her will be the boy's uncle, who is a veterinarian by profession and lives next door.

The family has already decided to continue the good initiative of Egor, and when Sinka herself becomes a mother, the puppies will also be given to those who need help. And Yegor promised to visit with his mother to visit the daughter of his four-legged pet.

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