At the "Cannes Film Festival" the show was stopped because the audience loudly booed him

19 May 2017, 20:51 | gossip
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During the screening of the film called "Ochcha" at the "Cannes Film Festival" in the hall, he was booed loudly.

The tape of the South Korean director Pona Joon-ho had to stop.

The noise from the audience rose as soon as the screen showed the company logo Netflix, which spreads the picture.

The reason for this act was not the artistic value of the film, but the fact that on the screen the image was "cropped", because of which the actors' faces were practically invisible.

The film critics who were at the show, already dubbed the situation there "a prison riot".

Let's remind, the tape "Ochcha" in the center of the plot has a history of friendship of the girl of Ми-джи with the big beast, similar to a pig to the name of Ochcha.

Among the famous names of the cast - Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Note, the scandal tinge of the film "Ochcha" earned after the American company Netflix refused to show it on the screens of French cinemas.

Motivation for such an act was the desire of Netflix to show the film only in their online theaters.

Recall Monica Bellucci spicy beginning of the 70th on the count of "Cannes Film Festival" passionate kiss with comedian Alex Luts.

Below is the post critic of David Airlich that first the film was shown with the wrong ratio of latitude and height on the screen.

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