Katy Perry spoke frankly about sexual experiences with a girl

20 March 2017, 17:10 | gossip
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American pop star Katy Perry, who broke off relations with actor Orlando Bloom, decided to tell some details of her personal life.

It turns out that once Perry had a sexual experience with a girl. She told about this, receiving the National Equality Award. The statuettes are awarded to famous people who are fighting for the rights of LGBT representatives.

During a speech of thanks, Katie said that in her childhood her parents, who were very religious people, tried to cure from homosexuality with prayers. At some point Perry was sent to a special center where she was supposed to "beg for homosexuality," but "treatment," according to the star, did not help, USA Today writes. "As a girl who sings in church and grew up in a religious environment, she was It's not easy to cope with this. But even then I realized that sexuality is not as black and white as my dress, "- said the singer.

Also the actress remembered her song I Kissed A Girl (I kissed the girl). According to the artist, the song was based on real events from her life "In these little, tiny pop songs I tell my truth and describe my fantasies.

By the way, "I kissed a girl, and I liked it" - to be honest, I did a little more (than a kiss), "Perry admitted..

Recall, the last relationship Katy Perry was completely heterosexual. Within 10 months, the singer met with actor Orlando Bloom. The ardent couple repeatedly fell into the paparazzi lenses during passionate kisses and caresses during a romantic break. However, the novel of the stars was doomed - the celebrities decided to break off relations.

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