Live tigers will be replaced with 3D models in the Fort Boyard show

28 June 2022, 13:49 | Art
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The legendary television show " Instead, 3D models will be used, according to the French version of the Huffington Post..

It is noted that digital animals will appear in the new season, which starts on France 2 in early July.. The last two felines who starred in Fort Boyard, Kashmir and Tosca, have retired.

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The fact that live tigers will no longer appear on the show became known back in February.. The production studio Adventure Line Productions, which shoots " They noted that society now cares more about the welfare of animals..

“At first we wanted to use archival images of tigers, but we thought it would be strange for viewers because they know that animals are no more..

We finally settled on the tiger statues in the treasury and we decided to bring them to life, like the gargoyles in The Hunchback of Notre Dame or the creatures in Fantastic Beasts,"

It took four months to create 3D models of tigers. The studio also added that the tigers will interact with the players, " For example, animals will lick when players run past them..

Fort Boyard has been on French television since 1990.. The tigers in the show are guarding the treasure chest of gold coins that the players enter at the end of the show..

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