Sergei Zhadan was awarded the Book Peace Prize in Germany

27 June 2022, 19:39 | Art
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Ukrainian writer, musician and public figure Sergiy Zhadan will receive the German Booksellers Peace Prize 2022. This was announced by the council of the fund of the same name.

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“In his novels, essays, poems and lyrics, Sergey Zhadan takes us to a world that has experienced great upheavals, but still lives by traditions.. Its lyrics talk about how war and destruction enter this world and shake people. At the same time, the writer finds his own language, which powerfully and differentiates shows us what many have not wanted to see for a long time,” said the organizers of the award..

They also added that Zhadan shows that people in Ukraine are trying to lead an independent life, defined by peace and freedom, despite all the violence..

Zhadan himself has already commented on the award, thanking the German book publishers.

“It is very important that Ukraine is present in the German information space.

It is important that in the fall at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where this award is presented, Ukraine will be the subject of discussion. We need weapons, but we also need information support.. We must win this war, we must protect our future.. Therefore, now every manifestation of support for Ukrainian culture is working for our victory.. A big thank you to everyone for their solidarity.! "

The award ceremony will take place on October 23.

Earlier, Zhadan became the person of the year according to the Polish edition of Gazeta Wyborcza..

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