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26 May 2022, 22:42 | Art
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The Ukrainian group "

The video contains footage of Russia's attack on Ukraine. In particular, you can see scenes from the occupied Kherson, Berdyansk, Energodar, where people went out to meet the armed occupiers, driving them away from their native land..

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“Recently, on the way to Kyiv, I saw a damaged Russian vehicle on the side of the road, on which Wolverines was written in white paint.. Comrades from friendly countries gave me a chevron with the same inscription.

It turned out that the name Wolverines - in the translation of Wolverine - is from the 1984 American film " According to the plot of the film, when the Soviet Union attacks the United States, the Third World War begins and ordinary schoolchildren, high school students, take up arms and under the name Wolverines, under which they unite in honor of their sports school, start partisan resistance and actually defeat the occupier.

These fictional events in the film are strikingly parallel to today's Russian attack.. There are, fortunately, not schoolchildren, but the same devoted Wolverine partisans who are now fighting for the freedom of Ukraine together with the heroic defenders and the Ukrainian people,"

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