What not to do in the Week

13 February 2018, 04:25 | Art
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On Monday, February 12, the Shrovetide week began, which will last until the start of Lent, which this year falls on February 19.

Despite the fact that the celebration of Maslenitsa is always accompanied by wide public festivals and is quite democratic from the ecclesiastical point of view, there are some prohibitions that must be observed.

What not to do for the Carnival:.

Since the Shrovetide week goes directly before Lent, it is better to refrain from the meat filling for pancakes, replacing it with fish, cheese, vegetable or other.

At this time you can not swear, swear, get angry.

During the Shrovetide week, guests should not be allowed to enter an undeveloped home.

You can not shut up. In order to observe all the traditions of the holiday, it is necessary to go to visit and participate in Shrovetide festivities.

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