In France, the icon of feminism died Keith Millet

09 September 2017, 07:05 | Art
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This is reported by the BBC.

According to the publication, in France Millet came to celebrate the birthday of his wife, photojournalist Sophie Keir. However, during the fun the woman became ill and the doctors could not save her life.

Let's note, in the first marriage the writer consisted with the Japanese sculptor Fumio Yoshimura, it was to him that she dedicated "Sexual policy". But in 1985, the couple broke up, and for journalist Keir writer recently married.

The most famous Millet brought her book, published in 1970 - "Sexual Policy"; experts note its innovation for the adoption of gender roles and patriarchy. Thus, this book was called the "Bible of the liberation of women".

In addition, Millet wrote in 1994 the book "Politics of Cruelty", which she devoted to investigating the use of torture around the world.

Kate Millett fought for the right to abortion, campaigned for an amendment on equal rights in the US, investigated the use of torture in the world and wrote about prostitution. She was considered an icon of the "second wave" of feminism.

As previously reported in URA-Inform, in the USA in New York on the 91st year of life the famous American director Murray Lerner.

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