How to avoid cravings for chocolate

21 March 2017, 03:29 | Art
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Australian scientists have told, how it is possible to reduce craving for chocolate and other sweets. This is stated in an article published in the magazine Appetite. Experts note that the craving for chocolate in many people is extremely strong - the whole thing in the hormone is dopamine (or the hormone of "happiness"), which stands out when using chocolate or other sweets. However, a large amount of sweet is harmful to health, the authors of the article.

In this regard, scientists have developed a special technique for getting rid of cravings for chocolate.

Experts have found out that when a person thinks of chocolate, he imagines images of these sweets in his thoughts. Therefore, scientists advise when thinking about chocolate try to replace the pleasant images with something repulsive, which will reduce the craving for sweets. The more unpleasant images you can think of, the less chocolate you want, scientists say.

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