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05 July 2018, 10:27 | Russia
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Security activities are very specific and diverse, therefore companies providing such services offer a wide range of services. Their number can reach several tens, which often leads customers into a stupor from confusion.

Deciding to use the services of a security company, it is worth studying the features, specifics and cost of each of them. So you will save not only time in the process of cooperation, but also your own money, having paid only necessary services.

Spheres of service provision Individuals. Accompaniment of public persons, family members, politicians or anyone who is worried about their own security. Full protection from attackers, including situations involving the use of firearms and knives.

The property. Protection of private houses and apartments, commercial and industrial facilities requiring professional protection.

Transport. Monitoring the movement of a car with satellite and cellular tracking. Introduction of anti-theft and remote control equipment.

Sports objects. Stadiums, sports complexes or small gyms, which are possible points of conflict.

Building. Organization, implementation and protection of inventory items, protection against robbery and access control.

Places of congestion. Ensuring a safe situation during festivals, sporting events or celebrations. Control and suppression of outbreaks of aggression and vandalism.

CCTV. Protection and control of the situation in the given territory with the help of modern surveillance systems, and patrolling the territory.

Rapid Response Teams. Departure of response teams to controlled objects in order to prevent illegal actions in relation to the client's health or property.

Features of security services The actions of each security guard is coordinated by a contract drawn up before the start of cooperation. This avoids controversial situations, and also improves the performance of each member of the group. Security, patrolling or video surveillance services can be provided separately, or in the form of maximally effective integrated solutions.

The effectiveness of this approach is completely justified, since the elimination of gaps and flaws in the protection of the object allows not only to prevent, but also to exclude the possibility of occurrence of such situations.

Algorithm of work with the protected object after the order of services:.

Discussion of conditions of cooperation. In the negotiation process, working and financial issues are discussed, which allows us to objectively look at the situation.

Visiting the object. After the discussion, the perimeter is circumvented and additional changes to the documents.

Collection and analysis of information. A set of necessary data is used to identify the weaknesses of the existing protective system, to find solutions for their elimination.

Consideration and modification of the draft version of the project. After the development of the first version of the project, a second discussion with the owner is conducted, which allows finding shortcomings and shortcomings and shortcomings.

Implementing the ultimate protection system on a specific site. Having approved the working version of the project, the process of introducing a security system on a real object begins, the installation of fences, the installation of a checkpoint or video surveillance systems.

Protection of residential buildings or public facilities has many specific aspects, so having studied the types of security services and their features, you can objectively consider all options and find the most suitable.

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