Lukashenka criticized Russia for greed

13 February 2018, 15:31 | Policy
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Russia underestimates the danger that threatens the CSTO from external enemies. This was stated by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting of the Security Council of the Republic on Tuesday, February 13. In his opinion, the members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) must be ready at any moment to repulse the enemy. To this end, Russia must give money to modernize the army in the member countries of the Organization or at least gratuitously provide them with new weapons. Otherwise, let him blame himself, warned Father. "A serious understanding of the leadership of Russia today about the need to strengthen the national armed forces in the most dangerous areas of our common joint defense - Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and other countries - there is no such understanding. And it can hurt very much, "Lukashenko said.. As an example, he cited his country: "Belarus is the main outpost, including the Russian Federation, in the west. And here today the most dangerous direction, "- reminded Father. At the same time he asked not to suspect him of commercialism. "I'm not in the sense that we ... once again, as they usually say, require some money for some events," he stressed.. However, he noted that "Russia in itself modernizes the armed forces," and refuses to help others.

Although it is clear to everyone that, if necessary, the main burden of protecting the common space will lie precisely on Russia - and this will be more expensive. Therefore, after the presidential election in the Russian Federation, Lukashenka is determined to return to discussing this issue with the Kremlin. However, Father urged not to doubt the strong allied relations between Russia and Belarus. "Despite various speculations, information hype, the joint strategic doctrine" West-2017 "was held smoothly and calmly," he recalled, hinting that further everything could be fine.

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