Against the background of rumors about the reduction of the civil service, BP took up the reproduction of the State Statistics S

04 July 2022, 19:48 | Economy
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The Verkhovna Rada approved as a basis the draft of a new law “On Official Statistics”, which provides for the creation of the National Council for Statistics, which will act on a par with the already familiar “statistics producers” - the State Statistics Service, the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance. This is discussed in the government bill No. 5886, which was supported in the first reading by 260 people's deputies..

According to the explanatory note to the draft document, the new law should replace the current law “On State Statistics” and harmonize the state statistics of Ukraine with the EU statistical system and generally accepted principles of world and European statistical practice..

The bill provides that the national statistical system will consist of such equal producers of official statistics as the State Statistics Service, the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance. Plus - provides for the creation of the National Council for Statistics.

" Subparagraph 7. Article 3 of paragraph 7 of the Ukraine-EU Association Agenda for the preparation and promotion of the implementation of the Association Agreement provides for the obligation of Ukraine to bring the Law of Ukraine "

It is planned to assign an important state task to the future National Council:.

providing advice on all statistical issues;

comments on important events and decisions in the State Statistics Service.

At the same time, conceptually, the National Council will be organized as an advisory body under the Cabinet of Ministers..

The Cabinet of Ministers also explains its initiative by the recommendations that were provided to Ukraine back in 2011..

" Based on the results of assessing the level of compliance of the national statistical system of Ukraine with European statistical requirements, a group of international experts prepared relevant recommendations,"

Recall that the Ministry of Digital Development is developing a reform, according to which the number of officials in the country will be halved.

The government is determined to carry out a real reform, which will include not only a reduction in the number of officials, but also a change in approaches to the work of the state apparatus and the determination of wages.

The purpose of the proposed reform is noble: to increase the efficiency of the work of officials and cut the costs of their maintenance..

As a result of the merger of ministries and the functions of ensuring their activities, the staff of the central offices of ministries will be reduced from 9.2 thousand. up to 2.7 thousand. human. The number of employees of their territorial bodies - from more than 15 thousand to less than 9 thousand.

It is assumed that the staff of the Pension Fund, the Tax Service, the State Statistics Service will decrease. 13 thousand people work in their central offices.. people, in the territorial - 80 thousand. After the reform, the number of such bodies will be reduced from 58 to 43, the number of employees in their central offices will be reduced to 4.3 thousand. people, in the territorial - up to less than 40 thousand. human.

The EU-Ukraine Association Agenda was approved by the EU-Ukraine Association Council on March 16, 2015. This event went almost unnoticed in Ukraine.

One of the 10 items on this agenda was indeed public administration reform.

However, it was about a comprehensive reform of public administration, including in terms of public service and service in local governments, which would take into account European principles of public administration..

This reform, among other things, was to include the finalization and adoption of a draft law on reforming the civil service.

At the same time, the idea of \u200b\u200bcreating the National Council on Statistics does not even belong to the current Government. Exactly six years ago, in July 2016, they already tried to create the National Council on a government initiative. This was envisaged by another bill - No. 4584, on reforming statistical activity in Ukraine and bringing it in line with European standards.

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