Ukrainians can continue customs clearance of cars for the front and electric cars on preferential terms - Shmihal

04 July 2022, 08:18 | Economy
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After the abolition of preferential customs clearance of cars, Ukrainians can still import electric cars and cars for the front on preferential terms and without any payments as humanitarian aid.. Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmihal said this in an interview with LB. ua.

As an alternative, we left absolutely tax-free, duty-free, VAT-free electric cars. Moreover, with this bill, the government recommended removing the pension contribution from electric vehicles.. Thus, electric vehicles can be imported to Ukraine without any restrictions and without any payments, taxes, Denis Shmihal said.. - We do not prohibit the import of humanitarian aid for the front in the form of pickups or jeeps, they are still not taxed. That is, if we are transporting a diesel or gasoline car for the front, it is also not subject to VAT or duty.. He stops by like a humanitarian. Therefore, all the possibilities for the front are open to us, as before.”.

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He noted that it was the decision to cancel the preferential customs clearance of used cars that was definitely not wrong and timely, since this allowed unloading customs and helped expand the corridor for import and export after the blockade of ports.

“When the war began, our ports were blocked, and we received the only, as I call it, “bottleneck” of supplies of everything to Ukraine - from fuel to food, from humanitarian aid to military aid.. Our corridor has narrowed very much, because before the war, the bulk - 70-80% - of imports and exports passed through ports. Now we have a land border with our European neighbors. Its capabilities, compared to seaports, are much smaller, and in order to open the border and make customs open, in the truest sense of the word, we removed all restrictions absolutely consciously and systematically, for everything,” Shmihal said..

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Now, the head of government stressed, " According to him, when the relevant law is adopted, electronic registration and customs clearance of cars will appear.. This can be done through the Action, simply by adding the VIN number of the car, and payments will be generated automatically, and the registration certificate and numbers can be received by mail.

Recall that from July 1, Ukraine finally canceled preferential customs clearance of used cars imported from Europe. Therefore, in the last days of June, huge queues formed at the checkpoints.

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