Embargo on oil from the Russian Federation: the EU published an explanation with an unpleasant surprise for Russia

02 July 2022, 13:50 | Economy
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The European Commission published clarifications on the embargo on Russian oil, which was introduced last month. It turned out that not only oil from the Russian Federation in its pure form will be banned, but also as part of mixtures - the so-called blends, which are now actively used in Europe. Russian media write about it.

As the clarification says, if Russian and non-Russian oil is mixed, then the entire batch is banned. The exception is the supplier's ability to clearly show which part of the batch was not produced in Russia, then this part will be allowed on the European market.

Russian media are already alarmed. There they started talking about the fact that now Russian oilmen will no longer have easy ways to circumvent sanctions in the form of using such mixtures when the tanker was supplied with oil from several sources, 50.

1% of which was from non-sanctioned countries.

“This is bad, since now gray schemes will have to be used for supplies, by analogy with Iran, which has been under various sanctions since 1979, which will cause a strong rise in the cost of logistics,” writes one of the publications..

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Earlier it was reported that sanctions on Russian energy carriers began to work actively. For the first time in history, the United States overtook Russia in gas exports to Europe.

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