Real incomes of Russians are experiencing the largest drop since 2015 - Rosstat

30 June 2022, 08:47 | Economy
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The fall in real incomes of Russians has reached a maximum over the past seven years, Radio Liberty reports with reference to the Rosstat report " January-May 2022"

Wages of working citizens remain approximately the same, but adjusted for rising prices, purchasing power has decreased by 7.2%. Russians became poorer only in 2015, after the annexation of Crimea and the then economic sanctions imposed on Russia.

The largest decline in real income has traditionally hit public sector employees: doctors and social workers (11. 4%), scientists and university professors (10%) and teachers (9.1%). All of them received pay raises in recent months, but they did not have time to keep up with inflation..

The volume of retail trade in Russia fell by 10% compared to the beginning of February; import volume - by 40%.

Surprisingly, thanks to the unprecedented brainwashing of the citizens of Russia, despite the deterioration in the quality of life, most of them continue to love their ruler immensely and believe in the need for a " However, sanctions are a drug with a delayed effect.. And soon everyone will feel this effect..

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