Resident of Kiev demands to return the payment of travel in cash in the cabin of passenger transport

29 June 2022, 17:50 | Economy
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The district administrative court of the city of Kyiv registered a lawsuit filed by a Kiev resident against the Kyivpasstrans utility company, in which the plaintiff insists that he has the right to decide for himself which form of fare payment to choose. This was reported by the press service of the OASK.

The plaintiff asks the court to oblige the specified enterprise to restore the possibility of paying for travel in cash in the public transport salon and to recognize the right of passengers to independently choose the form and method of paying for travel in public transport.

Among other requirements of the lawsuit is to recognize the termination of the acceptance of cash funds of the Kyivpasstrans utility company to pay for transport services as a violation of consumer rights.

The court decides the issue of opening proceedings in an administrative case.

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As a reminder, from July 14, 2022. Kyiv refused paper tickets that could be purchased from conductors. Accordingly, the conductors were also fired..

During the year, payment for ground public transport is made by a transport card or a one-time QR ticket.

Thus, in order to be able to pay the fare. passengers should take care of this in advance, as this may not be possible during the trip.

At the time of refusal to pay for travel in cash, in Kyiv there were:.

198 self-service terminals at ground transport stops and 304 terminals at 52 metro stations. At the terminals, you can buy or top up a transport card and purchase QR tickets.

About 1800 Easy Pay terminals. Easy Pay allows you to top up your transport card.

About 322 T-kiosks. You can buy a transport card at T-kiosks.

For some time, ticket offices worked at individual metro stations.

At the box office, it was possible to purchase or replenish a transport card, as well as buy a QR ticket.

However, during the war, payment for services in the city became completely cashless, since the cash desks stopped working..

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In fact, passengers of the capital's transport have significantly reduced the ability to pay for travel, and sometimes there is no such opportunity at all, since not every stop in the city is equipped with the above technical means..

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