Customs announced a new format for working with Europlates until the end of the grace period for customs clearance

29 June 2022, 11:18 | Economy
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Europlates will be allowed to enter Ukraine at all automobile checkpoints of the Lviv customs. This is due to the size of the queues of cars in front of the checkpoints in Ukraine, which are imported by individuals under a simplified taxation system, according to the Facebook page of the customs..

In order to reduce the waiting time in queues, the following work format has been introduced in the area of \u200b\u200bactivity of the Lviv customs:.

vehicles will be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine at all checkpoints;

at the checkpoints Krakovets-Korcheva and Rava-Russkaya-Grebennoye, the number of customs officers has been increased;

Changes have been made to the work schedule of the Gorodok customs post, where vehicles are cleared and registered.

" Town, and customs clearance department No. 4 in. Zimna Voda, Lviv region) will continue until 23:00, before the start of the curfew," head of the Lviv customs Daniil Menshikov.

And this format of work will continue until the end of June..

Recall that the Verkhovna Rada is already proposing to leave zero customs clearance of cars for combatants and civilians who lost cars due to the war.

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