US bans Russian gold imports

29 June 2022, 00:59 | Economy
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The United States Department of the Treasury has imposed an embargo on gold imports from Russia, as well as new sanctions against organizations and individuals of the aggressor state. This was reported by the press service of the US Treasury.

As noted, restrictions were imposed on 70 institutions that are crucial for the functioning of the Russian military-industrial sector.. In particular, sanctions were imposed on the enemy state corporation Rostec, which the press service calls "

New restrictive measures were also introduced by the ministry against 29 people representing the aggressor.

According to the report, additional sanctions were approved together with the US State Department.. The body, in turn, introduced its own restrictions against another 45 Russian structures and 29 individuals..

These measures were directed at military units and the FSB involved in the violation of human rights and international humanitarian law on the territory of Ukraine..

The State Department also announced the introduction of visa restrictions for more than 500 Russian military and officials involved in the suppression of dissent..

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In addition to imposing a ban on the import of Russian gold into the United States, the structures of the United States Department of the Treasury and Department of Commerce urged to monitor the attempts of Belarus or Russia to bypass export controls..

The US Department of the Treasury added that with the mentioned decisions, the country fulfills the obligations of the " This is necessary in order to reduce the ability of the Russian Federation to produce weapons and technologies used in the war against Ukraine..

Earlier, additional sanctions against legal entities and individuals associated with the defense sector of the Russian Federation and Belarus were introduced by the Government of Canada.

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