Limits on the sale of fuel will be lifted in Ukraine

28 June 2022, 18:19 | Economy
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The situation at gas stations began to stabilize, and already in July, Ukrainian motorists will be able to refuel in any volume, albeit with one " This was stated by MP Andriy Gerus at a briefing on June 28.

He noted that in June more than 600,000. tons of oil products from European markets. Of these, 400 thousand. tons is diesel, 200 thousand. – gasoline and liquefied gas.

" There is still a certain shortage in the center and east of the country, but in the west there are already no queues at gas stations. In July, Ukrainian motorists will be able to refuel in any volume,"

Gerus also added that Ukraine has a well-established supply plan and logistics from various European countries, so Russia's plan to create a large-scale crisis in Ukraine has failed..

However, on behalf of the authorities, he urged Ukrainians to consume oil products responsibly and not to spend them unless absolutely necessary..

Recall that earlier the director of the A-95 consulting group, Sergey Kuyun, explained why the forecasts for overcoming the fuel shortage had shifted in time.. This is due to the destruction by the occupiers of industries, including mini-refineries, as well as fuel infrastructure, which continue.

The expert also believes that the country needs total fuel economy.

\? Save fuel. The more gas stations open, the more cars on the roads.

Therefore, the growth in supplies is not very noticeable.. No fuel - stay at home. The main thing is that the military, municipalities, business have it, the country rests on them,"

In turn, the Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov said that the problem with the shortage of fuel will disappear in Ukraine by autumn. This is possible only after the conclusion of new contracts with suppliers.

At the same time, experts called June-July a possible period for solving the problem of lack of fuel.

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