G7 countries will allocate more than $4.5 billion for food security in the world

28 June 2022, 17:37 | Economy
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G7 countries agree to contribute more than $4.5 billion to resolve Russia-created global food crisis. This is stated in the message of the White House.

As a result of the actions of the aggressor, about 40 million people may fall below the poverty line by the end of the year, another 20 million may face the threat of starvation.

The United States is set to fund most of the crisis response as US President Joe Biden announces additional US government commitments of $2.76 billion to help shield the world's most vulnerable from malnutrition.

Two billion dollars of this amount will be spent on medical assistance to save lives, another $760 million will be spent on short-term food assistance for those who suffer from poverty and malnutrition due to rising fuel and food prices..

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“The actions of Vladimir Putin made it impossible to produce food and agricultural products, he uses food as a weapon in the war, in particular by destroying agricultural warehouses, stealing grain and agricultural equipment and blockade Black Sea ports. Russia's choice to attack food supply and production impacts markets, storage and finally negatively impacts consumers worldwide. Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, coupled with the fallout from COVID-19, increased conflicts, and high fuel and fertilizer prices, have combined to destroy an already precarious global food security.. Millions of people living far from conflict face heightened risk of poverty, hunger and malnutrition as a result of Putin's war..

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Earlier, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said that Russia's blocking the export of millions of tons of Ukrainian grain is a war crime..

Recall that on June 24, the foreign ministers of the G7 (G7) countries agreed that the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a global food crisis, and Moscow is responsible for this..

In the coming weeks, Russia will try to implement a multi-crisis scenario for the collective West. Mikhail Gonchar and Denis Vinsky write about this in an article for ZN. UA – "

" In addition to the food crisis in Africa, Russia wants to inflate the Cold War scenario in Europe that did not work last winter..

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