Exchange rate from the NBU: the dollar is holding up, while the euro has risen in price a little

27 June 2022, 12:29 | Economy
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For several days in a row, the exchange rate of the Ukrainian hryvnia against the US dollar remains at the same level and amounts to UAH 29.25/$, the National Bank of Ukraine reports..

However, the cost of one euro increased by 3 kopecks and now stands at 30.77 hryvnia per €.

In relation to other currencies, as of June 27, the NBU set the following price:.

1 Polish zloty - UAH 6.541 Czech crown - UAH 1.241 Bulgarian lev - UAH 15.731 Moldovan leu - UAH 1.521 Romanian leu - UAH 6.2110 Russian rubles - UAH 5.431 Swiss franc - UAH 30.581.

However, on the black market in Kyiv, the purchase of a dollar is carried out on average at the level of 35.5 UAH/$, while the sale is 35.7 UAH/$. The cost of the euro is traditionally more expensive, when buying the average price is 37.3 UAH / €, and selling 37.5 - 37.9 UAH / €.

Recall that earlier President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky signed a decree imposing fines for moving undeclared goods and foreign currency across the border.. A person who tried to take out more than 10 thousand euros undeclared will be fined and administratively liable.

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