Russia exported at least 400,000 tons of grain from Ukraine

26 June 2022, 18:26 | Economy
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Since the beginning of the large-scale invasion and occupation of Ukrainian territories, Russia has illegally exported at least 400,000 tons of grain from Ukraine, Krim said in a comment.. Realities"

He noted that according to the elevator registers, at the beginning of the occupation, there were about one and a half million tons of grain in the occupied Ukrainian territories..

“And we received information from those territories from the Ukrainians about the fact of the export. If we add all these cases, then about 400 thousand tons. It is clear that with the remaining million tons we will be able only after de-occupation,” Vysotsky said..

He added that according to the Center for Food and Land Use Studies of the Kyiv School of Economics, the losses of Ukrainian agriculture from a full-scale invasion already amount to $4 billion 300 million..


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Recall that the Russian occupiers export Ukrainian grain first by trucks from the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson, Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporozhye regions to Crimea, and then by ships to countries that support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The occupation administration does not hide the illegal sale of Ukrainian grain and considers it theirs.

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