"By selling dresses, you buy the emotion of a girl who will wear it". Lajfaki from businessmen to those who want to open their d

11 July 2018, 11:28 | Economy
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Ekaterinburg residents will be taught to realize their business ideas: from project protection to business opening. In the capital of the Urals, the federal project "You are an entrepreneur" has started, which includes educational lectures from steep speakers, Life communication and master classes.

On the first day on the site of the project, the already untwisted entrepreneurs shared their experiences, important knowledge and cool lifhakas with the participants.

So, the president of the VIVO trading and manufacturing company Valery Zolotukhin told about the tools that allowed him to get out of the loss of one million rubles. He was helped to attract investments through social networks using a personal brand and good reputation.

"The entrepreneur is a decision-making person, who is in constant uncertainty," the speaker said..

The owner of the Coffee3 coffee shop and the founder of his barist school Stanislav Bokov told how he once was a step away from buying a franchise, but the desire to create his own coffee business still won. Stas wanted not only to sell coffee, but also to produce it. Despite the saturation of the market in this area, he managed to consolidate his position in the market, and now he is ready to scale his own.

"You should always try. In order to open your business, you need to go through four stages: to determine what you want to do and what you are going to, how you will sell your idea, product creation, technical issues. If you create a business in order to be realized in it yourself, then you will be bogged down, because without its packaging it is impossible ", - Stanislav Bokov.

Director of the creative agency FOL'GA Dmitry Petrulev told about the importance of the environment for the entrepreneur. While still a student, he came to the community of entrepreneurs and acquired a number of competences. Based on the knowledge gained, he opened his own business, which, according to him, brings good results and develops.

"The most important thing is to understand for whom we do business. Before you start, you need to do a simple thing: go to a potential audience with a notebook and pen and ask if you need to do this in our market. The most important thing is to understand what a person will buy. When you sell women's dresses, you do not sell the fabric, but buy the emotion of a girl who will wear it, "says Dmitry Petrulev.

The event was attended by a small number of people, most of them were students and schoolchildren. Everyone listened to the lectures with great interest, and after a lively start to ask questions and ask advice from professionals.

One of the guys who turned to the speakers with a question about his idea was very lucky. The guy told that he wants to open a startup for recycling tires, but he does not know where to start.

After that, he immediately approached three men with business cards, who are ready to help.

"It's very cool, at last I moved from a dead center. I hope that on Saturday I will get to contact the right people. I believe that it is necessary to go to such events for everyone who wants to develop their skills. Despite the fact that it takes place every year, every time something prevented him from visiting and today I came here for the first time ", - shared the impressions of a student of the Ural Federal University named Danil.

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