China prepares for the US a trap in the trade war

10 July 2018, 12:54 | Economy
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Chinese authorities are preparing to take another reciprocal step to introduce US trade duties on Chinese goods. Mirror answer Beijing is not able, so he will act by the methods available to him. This could turn into a complete failure for the United States economy. Since the announcement of the trade war, China has responded to US actions by the same measures. When duties were introduced for goods, the total value of which is estimated at $ 40 billion, the Chinese did exactly the same. But now Donald Trump is going to introduce duties for $ 200 billion already. China does not import so many goods from the US, so it can not reply the same. According to the publication Berliner Zeitung, in addition to counter import duties on electric vehicles and agricultural products, China is able to take measures that affect the supply chain of firms for which China is an intermediate point in the global production process. "Many of these firms are in the US and have such well-known names as Hewlett Packard (HP), Dell or Apple. Violation of their production links can lead in the affected sectors to a chain reaction around the world, "reads the publication. In the field of consumer electronics, the competitive price of goods is of key importance. Therefore, duties can cause significant harm to companies: their products will cost at a price and simply give way to a market similar to goods from South Korea and other countries. Another opportunity to appreciate the triumph of Trump is the introduction by the Chinese authorities of a ban on showing American films and serials, as well as restrictions on the provision of loans to the US government. In addition, "China does not need to start a propaganda company and imagine America an enemy", which may result in a "protest from below" - "a boycott of goods from the United States and broken glass in Starbucks". However, on the other hand, China remains committed to a peaceful settlement of the conflict and hopes to agree with the States amicably. This is an absolute priority for Beijing, and the introduction of tough retaliatory measures is a reserve option, which the Celestial Empire will resort only in the most extreme case. For example, on the eve of the news appeared that some Chinese state media had received orders from the authorities to moderate criticism and not to use the "aggressive language" against the US president against the backdrop of a flared trading war.

China prefers to refrain from insults and open criticism of the leader of another state, and therefore the journalists were asked not to turn the current situation into a "war of mutual insults". Washington on June 15 announced the introduction of an import duty of 25% on imports from China worth $ 50 billion per year. The Commission on Tariffs of the State Council of China on the next day announced similar countermeasures. Due to reciprocal increased customs duties between the US and China entered July 6. So far, they cover a turnover of $ 34 billion per year on each side.

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