In Ukraine, a rise in gas prices was called suicide

10 July 2018, 10:19 | Economy
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In Ukraine they realized that further increase of gas tariffs for the population is fraught with a catastrophe for the country. This idea was expressed by the deputy Rada Vadim Rabinovich. He drew attention to the fact that Ukrainians pay more for natural gas than the rest of the inhabitants of European countries, if we compare the cost of energy resources and the wages of citizens. The deputy said that after paying "communal" Ukrainians have almost no money for a normal life. "Tell us what else we need to raise (tariffs for gas - red. ), so that it was the same as in Italy, in England - it's a complete bullshit, lies and murder of the country, "Rabinovich was indignant in the air of the 112 Ukraine TV channel,. According to the deputy, Ukraine consumes some kind of exclusive "extra-road" gas, which no one else in the world receives at such prices. And the gas problem is not so bad. The mediocre policy of the authorities can lead also to water disruptions.

In "Kievvodokanal" they threatened with restriction of water supply due to the fact that their activity is suspended by the only enterprise in the country producing chlorine for disinfection of water. "There are economic stupid in power ... Tell me, do you have brains to think for a week, a month?" Until the thunder strikes - do not cross yourself. Well, there is at least one crazy person in the government, "the deputy exclaimed.. It is worth noting that the increase in gas tariffs is one of the requirements of the IMF to provide a new loan.

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