"Holographic theater" and a transparent pyramid. We tell about the brightest stand of Innoprom

09 July 2018, 16:45 | Economy
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The main and most visible stand of the third pavilion of Innoprom was made by RMK. Area - 845 "squares". His "chip" was "holographic theater". To look at the holograms, you just need to go to the wall and the "copper blinds" will open themselves. After that, the viewer will be able to learn about the challenges that the company faces every day and overcomes.

In the same hall you can find out about the industrial, social projects and plans of the company. To narrow the topic, you just need to find the desired section on the screen and drag it with your finger. At the stand of the RMK, those who wish can also expand their horizons and get acquainted with the history of the development of copper by man.

For entertainment, the creators of the stand put in the middle of the hall a multimedia column in the form of a DNA molecule, at the base of which a transparent pyramid. Here, too, you can choose an interesting topic. To be entertained at the stand of the RMK, you can go into a huge kaleidoscope. This is already done by the governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev and the vice-chairman of the YMD Duma Viktor Testov.

Recall, the exhibition "Innoprom" opened today and will last until July 12.

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