Ukrainians found a bit of gas

08 June 2018, 18:09 | Economy
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On the eve of Ukrgazdobycha reported that a new gas field was discovered in the Kharkov region, but it is so small that it is still necessary to think carefully about whether it is worthwhile to develop it. This comment was commented on by Alexey Grivach, Deputy Director General of the National Energy Security Fund.

On its website on Thursday, the Ukrainian company notified that according to preliminary data the reserves of Kharkov's blue fuel are at least 200 million cubic meters, and the prospective resources estimated by UkrNIIGaz are more than 2 billion cubic meters. The press service of Ukrgazvydobuvshy reported on the record short time of the discovery of this deposit - a special permit for development was received in December 2016 and in a year and a half geologists discovered deposits. "This is a very small deposit, even by Ukrainian standards. Even taking into account the high gas prices on the Ukrainian market and the proximity of the infrastructure, the profitability of its development raises doubts, "RIA Novosti news agency quotes Grivach. However, the expert noted that while there is not enough information provided by Ukrainians to give an accurate assessment of the event. "We can only say that the scale of the opening speaks about very unhappy prospects for the development of gas production in Ukraine, which the Ukrainian authorities promised to significantly increase in the coming years, completely abandon imports and even become net gas exporters. With such discoveries, it becomes clear to everyone that these were "fake" plans, "Grivach believes.. After Kiev authorities ceased to buy gas from Russia from November 2015, and in 2016-2017, in preparation for the heating season, gas was pumped into the storehouses purchased on the reverse in Europe, Ukrgazvydobin began convulsively digging its own land in search of its own of fuel. The new energy strategy of the post-Moldova Nezalezhnaya posed a major challenge for gas companies: to increase gas production in the country to 35 billion cubic meters by 2035. It is hard to believe that the largest Ukrainian gas company will succeed. So, in 2017, it was able to extract 15 billion cubic meters. For comparison, the production of Russian "Gazprom" by the results of the last year amounted to 471 billion cubic meters of gas. However, will not gloat, and we wish Ukrainian geologists luck.

In fact, apart from the fact of existence or not sufficient volumes of blue fuel on the territory of the Nezalezhnaya, there are many other obstacles. "For Ukrgazvydobuch the issue of creating a new resource base is critical, and it is from his decision that the fulfillment of the goals of the Strategy" 20/20 ". So, after more than 60 refusals to agree on special permits only by the Poltava Oblast Council within 2 years, Ukraine will not receive 1 billion cubic meters of gas in 2018, "the company said in a statement yesterday.. Land for the Ukrainian peasant is not at all cheaper than Russian gas.

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